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The good news: There are many funding opportunities. The bad news: writing applications is time-consuming. There are also cross-cutting issues such as ethics, human-centred design and sustainability. But you want to focus on your research topic. Our expertise lies in these cross-cutting issues. Let us work together on the proposal. This will increase the overall quality of the proposal and put you ahead of the competition.

How can we specifically support your innovation?

A cooperation with innovethic® makes sense if you can answer “yes” to one or more of the following statements:

If so, our range of services is the right basis for successful projects.

How can we specifically support your innovation?

Whatever the research topic and whatever the tender criteria, we can work with you to put together the right package!

Depending on your needs, we can complement your research project with the following competences:

Research ethics

With participation of test persons

Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence


This makes our offer unique

Find out here what you can expect.

Research project professional

Experience and skills:

High competence in ethics for research and innovation

Experience and skills:

This is how a cooperation with us works

What can you expect when you choose us?

Our support is the complete solution for making your research projects more effective. You get expertise, a sustainable strategy and lots of exciting help with implementation. We come from the real world. We know what makes the difference between research reaching the market and creating value, or ending up in a drawer.

Getting to know each other

  • Getting to know each other
  • Clarify project goals
  • Exchange ideas and documents

Project application

  • Composition of work packages
  • Text writing
  • Research ethics
  • Social impact
  • Sustainability
  • Technology transfer

Project realisation

  • Leadership in the agreed work packages
  • Close cooperation and interaction
  • Mutual learning
  • High impact project completion

Happy clients

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