Mert Cuhadoroglu

Mert has over 25 years of experience in developing business solutions using analytical skills in various fields such as pricing manager in retail banking, business coach, mentor and consultant with a special focus on learning and development.

Mert is also the author of 6 self-help books on motivation and leadership.


Work experience

Since 2023 : Advisory Board Member of Ponsatlas – Istanbul Turkey

since 2021 : Head of Business Operations – Ethos AI Training & Consultancy – Munich Germany

until 2015 : Marketing Manager – Cuhadaroglu Insurance Agent – Istanbul Turkey

2015 – 2012 : Professional Coach and Writer (of six self help books in turkish language)

2012 – 2007 : Retail Banking Department Pricing Manager – Turkiye Is Bankasi A.S.

2007 – 1999 : Bank Auditor – Turkiye Is Bankasi A.S.

1999 – 1997 : Auditor – Kutlan & Partners


2022 : Master of Science in Marketing in German Marmara University Department of BA

1997 – 1994 : Marmara University Department of Business Administration in German

1994 – 1992 : Vienna University of Economics and Business – Business Administration

1992 – 1982 : Sankt Georg’s Austrian College in İstanbul


Mert has completed many trainings in AI Ethics and AI Audit field and has earned many 

credentials including AI & Algorithm Auditor (Babl AI);  

AI Quality Engineer (TÜV SÜD Germany)

IEEE Certifaied Assessor (IEEE SA)

Value Based Engineering Pionier (Vienna University of Economics) FH Certified Auditor for GDPR (ForHumanity) and is a member of 

working groups in IEEE SA